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School News Network: Sparta Interior Design

Sparta Design Class photo
School News Network

Students in Sparta are designing and creating 3D printed items, thanks to a donation from a local foundation and innovative teaching.

Seventh grader Annabelle doesn’t plan to become a design engineer, but finds the new design class at Sparta Middle School useful for her intended career in interior design. “I love moving furniture around and figuring out what should go where,” she said.

The class - made possible by Sparta Education Foundation’s purchase of a 3D printer -- isn’t just for fun; it is teaching real life skills.

“The need for skills like these is becoming more and more prevalent today,” said teacher Ericka McKellar.

Students utilize free online software tools, including Tinkercad and Sketchup to create projects.

Designing a tiny house and a pirate ship playground were favorite assignments, but personal creations stand out.

Projects have included a cell phone case, rings for mom and dad, a hand-held cord holder, and a universal camping utensil -- the spifestraw -- with a knife, fork, spoon and straw holder.

Said McKellar, “I am constantly amazed at the level of detail put into these projects. I am super excited to see what’s next.”

For School News Network, this is Janice Holst.