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New Coffee shop in town says they will provide meaningful work for people with disabilities


For over a year Meghan Beggs was actively looking for an entry level position where she could earn some real work experience, but it was not until she applied for a job at Brody’s Be Café that her dream of being meaningfully employed became true. 

“I love coffee and I’ve always wanted to learn to make coffee and work at a coffee shop.” 

Beggs was born with a syndrome that makes it hard for her to communicate and follow instructions. 

“Its called 22Q deletion syndrome and its more of an invisible disability and its more of a mild disability.” 

According to national data, only 19% of people with a disability have a job, and Rachel Stadt who heads the café, says they want to shift those numbers and bridge the gap in access to employment opportunities for people with cognitive disabilities. 

“So they get paid minimum wage. Everybody gets paid the same amount because we believe that they're working,  if you have a disability, your work is just as important as somebody who doesn't have a disability.” 

The café serves brewed coffee, hot and cold espresso drinks, teas and smoothies and is opened Monday through Sunday in Ada Village. 

Michelle Jokisch Polo, WGVU News.