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Recovery group launched for Muskegon teens struggling with addiction


In an effort to lower the number of teens that are addicted to drugs and alcohol in Muskegon, health officials announced the launching of a new, teen addiction recovery program. The announcement comes from Muskegon’s HealthWest, and according to a press release, the new addiction recovery program hopes to help Muskegon County teens battling sext destructive behaviors like drinking, and doing drugs.

Spearheading the program is HealthWest Clinical Supervisor Meaghan Dulin. She says, any teen struggling with addiction is welcome to join the program, which is free.

“This is an open group, open to all Muskegon County youth 13 and older,” Dulin said.

According to HealthWest, Recent state data showed nearly 40 percent of Muskegon County teens have drunk alcohol. The data also revealed that 8 percent of surveyed high schoolers reported binge drinking in the past 30 days and the surveyed teens were on average only 14 years old when they reported being drunk for the first time

Meanwhile, nearly 15 percent of surveyed high schoolers reported being offered illegal drugs while on school property in the past year and nearly 29 percent reported trying marijuana.

“There are definitely addiction issues in Muskegon County for youth,” Dulin said.

The new Teen addiction program is the only one of its kind in West Michigan, according to HealthWest. Meetings will be held from 4:30-5:30 every Tuesday starting October 22. Officials say, it is not a 12-step-program, but rather a peer support group for teens.

Daniel Boothe, WGVU NEWS

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