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'Screwed by the Greedy Business of the American Healthcare' screens in GR

Photo by Luis Melendez on Unsplash

Screwed by the Greedy Business of the American Healthcare is the name of the documentary film produced by award winning film-maker Dr. Vivek Palavali from Flint, Michigan, and it tells the story of the country’s healthcare system.  

“The biggest problem is the increase in co-pays and deductibles so a lot of patients are trying to hold off in accessing the medical care they need for the fear of expenses until its really bad.”

Doctor Rob Davidson agrees. He’s an emergency doctor in Holland, Michigan and says just last week he was working with an insured patient who ended up in the ER because he could not afford his inhaler. 

“And the next morning he said: “well I got to get out of here.” I said: “no you need to be admitted,” and he said: “I can’t, I got to go back to my job, if I don’t show up…I have x number of points that I get. If I don’t show up Im going to lose my job and then I am really in trouble”.” 

According to Dr. Palavali, middle men and lack of government oversight are the reasons   why healthcare in the United States is so expensive. 

“There is no reason for middle man insurance company that doesn’t do anything for your health other than taking your money in the form of premium and giving it to the provider and the hospitals who you are going to yourself anyway to fix your problems.”

And while Dr. Palavali says change will not be immediate -- a more comprehensive healthcare is possible if society gets involved.  

“So in other words they have to be informed, activated, agitated and participatory in the democratic process and political process to bring the change necessary in the political system that would make this a reality.” 

The film will be screening on Thursday at 7pm at Wealthe Street Theatre in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Michelle Jokisch Polo, WGVU News.