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U.S. Secretary of Labor visits Kent County


On Wednesday morning, Alexander Acosta took a tour at Lack’s Enterprise Incorporated to advocate on behalf of thenew U.S Mexico-Canada Agreement. According to Acosta the agreement would have a direct effect on the working-class employees at Lack’s which is a company dedicated to manufacturing and assembling car parts,

“All in all, Michigan sells $59.9 billion in goods to Canada and Mexico”

While the old trade agreement required 63% of the automobile parts be made in the country of origin, this new trade agreement has increased that requirement to 75% and at least 40% of it must be made by workers who earn $16 per hour. 

“And so that means that lower wage waiver in Mexico is less able to shut out American workers who are incredibly productive, who do a great job right here in Michigan and throughout the United States.”

For employees at Lack’s Enterprise the passing of this agreement could mean an increase in wages from $12 to $16 per hour; but that will all depend on a congressional vote later this summer. 

Michelle Jokisch Polo WGVU News