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Senate mulls undoing Whitmer’s DEQ restricting plan


Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s plans to restructure the state Department of Environmental Quality could be over.

The state House passed a measure to eliminate the order yesterday. And now the Senate is considering a similar move – which would mean the end of Whitmer’s order.

The Senate oversight committee met to review Whitmer’s order. Some Republicans don’t like that in overhauling the DEQ, the order gets rid of several oversight committees that were created by statute last year.

Republican Senator Ed McBroom chairs the committee reviewing the order. He says getting rid of the panels through an executive order isn’t the way to go if Whitmer doesn’t like the panels.


“Yeah I’d love to see us sit down at the table and discuss, ‘Hey there’s problems with these bills, I don’t like certain things, I feel like they don’t let me do my job as governor’ well let’s talk about those.”

McBroom says the committee will hear more testimony about the measure next week. But he wouldn’t say if there would be a vote.