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The Kent County Board of Commissioners begin process to dissolve the Kent County Land Bank


On Tuesday, the Kent County Board of Commissioners and the Finance and Physical Resources Committee voted to terminate the Kent County Land Bank, known today as InovaLab. 

Innovalab formed in 2009 through an intergovernmental agreement between the Michigan Land Bank Fast Track Authority and the Kent County Treasurer. Dave Allen who is the current executive director, resigned earlier this summer as Grand Rapids City Commissioner citing the need to focus on his work at Innovalab.

The Land Bank Review Subcommittee, a committee of five county commissioners, stated in Innovalab’s Review Report that their recommendations were ignored in 2018’s strategic planning. 

Wayman Britt, Kent County Administrator/Controller said that the KLCBA had fulfilled its purpose of placing tax-foreclosed properties back on the tax rolls. 

“However, the improved real estate market and increasing concerns that the work currently being done by the KCLBA is outside the scope of its original purpose compelled us to take a hard look at the need for this authority in our current environment.” 

If the County Board passes a resolution on Thursday directing the Kent County Treasurer to withdraw from their agreement, the KCLBA would be dissolved. 

Michelle Jokisch Polo, WGVU News. 

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