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Get Ready For A Busy Week For Holiday Travel!


This is the week of Thanksgiving travel!  One of the busiest weeks on the books each year.  While many may have become familiar with all the tricks of the trade some definitely bear repeating.  Local travel expert Jo Anne Verboom with Gagnon Travel offers some tips.

“The airlines are expecting more than 25 million people to be traveling during that time frame, it will be the busiest Thanksgiving travel time in the history of airlines.”

Just in case you missed it.  Travel experts are reiterating some very important news.  The Thanksgiving holiday period, which began this past Friday, will be a very busy time.  So, we figure a few reminders are in order, such as, checking in online, doesn’t necessarily help you at the airport.  

“Even though you print your boarding pass at home or have it on your phone, that will eliminate you having to go to a counter, but it won’t help you get through security any more quickly and that’s where the long lines are, in security.”

And protecting your home while vacationing 101—keep your travel details private.

“There’s been a survey done, of crime statistics.  And over 80 percent of burglars have admitted to using social media, like Facebook or twitter to stalk perspective victims and when interviewed, 54 percent said they actually looked at Facebook to find out when people would be away from their homes and those were the homes they targeted.”

And it’s not just the airways that will be busy.  AAA Michigan reports that more than 1.7 million Michigan residents will travel 50 or more miles this year… forecasting the most thanksgiving travelers in more than a dozen years.