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Ford Airport Opens New Cell Phone Lot

picture of GR Ford Airport Logo
Gerald R. Ford International Airport

If you’re picking up someone from the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, you should know, it has a new, expanded parking area.  The new, Cell Phone and Ride Share Lot opened today.

“It’s one of those options that I don’t think a lot of people recognize, they see the sign, says cell phone lot, and what is that?”

What it IS, is a brand new cell phone lot at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.  And Marketing and Communications Director Tara Hernandez says it’s new and improved.

“It’s a space that has individual space for 30 vehicles. And really it’s a place to sit and wait, for up to 30 minutes. Our police do patrol that area. You can sit there and wait for your passenger to give you a call, then you can head up to the terminal building.”

The Cell Phone and Ride Share Lot opened today… it’s located off Patterson Ave SE as you enter the airport.  The old cell phone lot is no longer in business.  Hernandez says there is plenty of signage to direct you to the right spot.  She adds, the lot is actually quite big as they are also preparing a location for ride share users.

“This one technically, the new cell phone lot, actually has 60 spaces, but 30 are reserved for cell phone riders and then 30 for our ride share lot, which as we get closer to getting an agreement with our rideshare partners, like Uber and Lyft, that will be a space where they are staged and that will make it easier for our passengers who use the ride share quite often.”

The Ford Airport board approved the construction project back in April.  Increased passenger and construction traffic prompted the relocation and construction of the new lot.