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Vice President Pence pays respects to Richard DeVos, talks up tax cuts in Grand Rapids visit

Daniel Boothe

United States Vice President Mike Pence made a visit to Grand Rapids Wednesday to tout President Trump’s tax reform policies while paying respect to Richard DeVos.

"The truth of the matter is jobs are back, confidence is back, in a word the heartland and all of America is back and we are just getting started Michigan,” Pence said.   

The speech took place at Mill Steel’s manufacturing plant Wednesday on Grand Rapids southeast side. It’s the latest in a string of visits the Vice President has made to Michigan recently, as this time Pence used his appearance to talk up "the positive impact of President Trump's tax reform policies” has had on West Michigan.

“This President just before Christmas, kept the promise that he made to the people of Michigan when he signed the largest tax cuts and tax reforms in American history," Pence said. "That’s promises made, and promises kept, and this economy is growing as a result.”

Vice President Pence used the last moments of his speech to pay his respects to Richard DeVos, who recently passed in his Ada, Michigan home due to complications from an infection.  

“Rich made an indelible mark. On this city, in this state, and this nation," Pence said. "Rich DeVos was a great American. He lived a great life. A life of family and faith in America, and faith in God, and Rich DeVos will be missed.”

This is Vice President Mike Pence’s third visit to Michigan in just over a month, once to attend a fundraiser for U.S. Senate candidate John James, the other to attend a Republican unity luncheon after August’s mid-term primary. The frequent visits may also be in anticipation of the 2020 election. In 2016, President Donald Trump won the state of Michigan over Hillary Clinton by roughly 11,000 votes. The victory proved to be pivotal in the President’s election.

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