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Decision 2018: Gubernatorial primary candidate Libertarian John Tatar

John Tatar photo
Libertarian Party of Michigan

WGVU’s Decision 2018 continues the countdown to the August 7th primary profiling the gubernatorial candidates. WGVU asks Libertarian John Tatar three questions.

Q: What is your plan for expanding the state’s economy?

A: “I want to bring industry back to Michigan. We used to be the leading industry of the nation. We can bring technology back in. We can bring industry back in and that will bring jobs and that will expand the economy.”

Q: How would you improve the state’s educational outcomes?

A: “The funding of students needs to be equal across the board, number one. We need to get rid of Common Core, number two. We need to get rid of No Child Left Behind, number three. And we need to return education back to the local communities where parents are involved in the education process.”

Q: How would you improve or fix the state’s infrastructure. What funding model would you put in place?

A: “I believe Lansing has more than enough money to take care of those problems. The problem is that they’re spending it in other directions that have nothing to do with us and they use that as a carrot when it comes to election time. ‘Vote for me and I’ll fix the economy for you and I’ll fix the roads and I’ll fix this.’ That nonsense, those people have been in office for 10 years or more and nothing’s been done to fix those roads to begin with. Why are we going to elect them and put them for another four more years in office?”

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