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Candidate for congress says opponent Justin Amash's campaign behind petition challenge


A candidate for the United States House of Representatives in Michigan’s 3rd district claims he’s getting squeezed out of the primary by incumbent Justin Amash. 

Republican Candidate Joe Farrington says the Amash campaign is behind a petition challenge sent to the State Board of Canvassers that challenges 362 of Farrington's nearly 1200 campaign petition signatures. A thousand valid signatures is required to appear on the primary ballot.   

Farrington notes that the 3rd district has voted Republican since 1993, so running unopposed in the primary is Rep. Amash’s clearest path to re-election come November.

“It would be a technical triumph for him," Farrington said. "The 3rd district, Grand Rapids, Ionia, this is all a very red district. No matter how good of a Democrat you put in, a Republican is going to win in this district. And therefore Amash just gets a free ride to Washington.”

The challenge was filed by Eric Larson, a local doctor who hosts a podcast called "The Paradocs." Justin Amash has been a guest on the podcast, and Larson often quotes Amash on social media.

I asked Larson what motivated him to file the petition challenge, and was instructed to speak with his attorney Eric Doster.

“First off, Mr. Farrington has only himself to blame, cause he only turned in 1190 signatures," Doster said. They (the State Board of Canvassers) found that there were 947 valid signatures. So whether or not a challenge was filed or not in this case, Mr. Farrington would not be on the ballot.”

WGVU reached out to the Amash Campaign. At the time of this news report calls were not returned.

The Board makes their decision Friday. 

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