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Study: Grand Rapids is #1 place in US to live a 'balanced lifestyle'


Grand Rapids is the best city in the country to live a balanced lifestyle. That’s according to a study just released by MagnifyMoney.com, a personal finance website. To determine where people are most likely to find balance in the US, researchers compared seven measures in the 50 biggest metropolitan areas in the country: Average commute times, how much of their incomes residents spend on housing, how many hours people work compared to how much they earn, local income inequality, how many people are in very good or excellent health, whether they get enough sleep at night, and how local prices for typical consumer goods and services (excluding housing) compare with the national average. 

Grand Rapids overall score was enough to name it top city in the country for living a balanced lifestyle. The report concluded that Grand Rapids residents must be made of “hearty stock, given all the opportunities for outdoor activity for those who can make it through the notoriously harsh winters.”