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Use of out-of-state workers on BC Cobb demo job sparks Union protest

Daniel Boothe

As demolition begins on the BC Cobb Power Plant in Muskegon, Union laborers are protesting  North-Carolina based company Forsite Development outsourcing the demolition and reconstruction of the plant to out of state workers.

“With Muskegon as we know, there is a lot of skilled labor of men and women here, that could perform this work,” Bill Kenney, the President of the Michigan Building Trades and Construction West Michigan chapter said. “So it’s important to us that with the medium income in Muskegon County being only $27,000, there are people that need work.”

Consumers Energy officially handed over the 115 acre property to Forsite this past October, as workers, many who were brought in from Texas, have already begun working on the demolition.

Michigan House Representative in Terry Sabo says he sides with the protesters.  

“You know I really believe that we should have more of our local people on that job site, those are good paying jobs not only in Muskegon but in Michigan that would really like to have the opportunity to have those jobs,” Sabo said.

Sabo says he reached out Forsite on behalf of those protesting. While the current jobs have been filled, he’s hopeful that down the road more local workers can be brought in on the nearly two year project. 

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