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Gretchen Whitmer: Women lawmakers are sexually harrassed in Lansing

Former Michgian State Senator Gretchen Whitmer claims numberous women are sexually harassed in the male-dominated Capitol Building in Lansing. Whitmer, one of only two women to have been a legislative leader in Michigan, says the male-dominated Capitol has a "locker room" atmosphere in which it's not uncommon for female lawmakers and employees to confront sexual harassment. 

A legislator for 14 years, Whitmer says she was the Democratic leader at the time when she had to combat "very lewd" and "totally inappropriate" comments directed at her by a male senator in the Senate chamber. She did not identify the Senator by name.

Whitmer says a major contributing factor toward the locker room dynamic in which bad behavior occurs is that there aren't enough female legislators in Lansing.

Whitmer is currently running for Governor in the 2018 election.

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