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Senita Lenear re-elected as City Commissioner in Grand Rapids 3rd ward

Grand Rapids City Commissioner Senita Lenear celebrated with campaign volunteers Tuesday night on the city’s south side with pizza and cake, after learning voters had re-elected her for another term in the city’s 3rd ward.

“I am extremely thankful and grateful that the 3rd ward decided to allow me the opportunity to serve as their commissioner for another four years,” Lenear said. “I will not disappoint. I will continue to work hard for them. And I will continue to make sure that all aspects of the 3rd ward and our needs are met at city hall,” she said.

First elected to the City Commission in 2014, Lenear will enter a second term as commissioner of the 3rd ward. She says in the next four years her focus will remain on affordable housing.  

“I will continue to work on addressing our housing crisis that we have in Grand Rapids,” Lenear said. “In addition to that I will continue to work with our safe task force, which is an anti-violence strategy we have in the city.”

Lenear also is working with developers in six different business districts on the south side to address economic development in the 3rd Ward. 

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