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Michigan Rep. Winnie Brinks launches campaign for State Senate

Winnie Brinks campaign photo
Winnie Brinks Facebook

Michigan State Representative Winnie Brinks is looking to extend her career in politics, officially announcing her run for the State Senate in the 29th district Thursday afternoon in East Grand Rapids. Rep. Brinks, a Democrat, is running for the seat currently occupied by Republican State Senator David Hildenbrand.

“I’m just really gratified by all of the support that I have gotten," Rep. Brinks said. There are a lot of great folks here today, and feel like we have got a great chance with these folks behind me.”

Rep. Brinks whose time is up in the House due to term limits says the issues that were important to her as a Representative will continue as a State Senator if elected.

“I will have had six years in the state house and that is a lot of dedication time and effort and commitment to my community," Brinks said. "I would like to continue to work on the issues that brought me there and the things that people are asking me to do, things like working on adequate funding for education, supporting k-12 schools for students, and making sure we have affordable and high quality health care for everyone.”

So far, no Republican has yet to announce their candidacy for the 29th seat, however, the next State Senate election could shift political power either way. Out of the 38 seats in the Senate, 26 currently have State Senators that are being termed out of office.

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