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State unemployment fraud review vindicates over 44-thousand people




Thousands of Michiganders are were vindicated today The Unemployment Insurance Agency completed its review of tens of thousands of fraud cases today.

The review found that 44-thousand people were falsely accused of unemployment fraud between October of 20-13 and August of 20-15. A faulty computer system and a lack of oversight churned out tens of thousands of fraud accusations.

Agency director Wanda Stokes says they’ve implemented changes to make sure this doesn’t happen again.


“In going forward we want to improve a number of our processes. We want to improve our communications.”

The state is in the process of refunding over 20 (m) million dollars to the wrongly accused. But some say this isn’t enough.

Ron Bieber of the Michigan AFL-CIO says the state needs to repay every penny taken from the wrongly accused – with interest.