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Grand Rapids looking to help young adults find summer jobs


The city of Grand Rapids is looking for young adults ages 15 to 24 to enroll in the LEAD program that will help connect them with a summer job. Created by former Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell in 2010, the LEAD program is an acronym for leadership, employment, achievement and direction. Facilitated by city run Our Communities Children, the program provides young people training in civic engagement, leadership and employability skills. 

“The LEAD program prepares them in cover letter and resume writing, it prepares them in public speaking, it prepares them, equips them, and enhances their leadership skills and abilities," program coordinator Shannon Harris said. "It really offers young people an opportunity to think about their future, and what are the steps they need to take to reach their goal.”

Once a young adult completes the LEAD program training they are then matched up with job opportunities at 100 local participating businesses, where available jobs pay $10--$13 an hour. But more than the money, Harris says, the LEAD program prepares young adults to be professionals.

“Absolutely we get those success stories often," Harris said. "We have a lot of young people who have gone through the program since 2010, a lot of them now are in college, they are working now, and they come back and say how the LEAD program has prepared them for where they are now.”

Applications for the LEAD program are due June 2nd, the program runs The LEAD training program runs June 19th through the 30th at Grand Rapids city hall.

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