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Mel Trotter Ministries opens homeless shelter for youths


Mel Trotter Ministries is opening a youth house with the hopes of helping young men transition out of homelessness, as the Youth House officially opened to tenants April 3rd. Vice President of Programs Adrienne Goodstal says the house will specifically be for troubled youths. 

"We know that one of the fastest growing homeless population is youth, 18 to 24," Goodstal said. "And on any given night there are 200 unaccompanied youth that are experiencing homelessness." 

The new house will help at least four homeless young men hopefully get back on their feet. Goodstal says this house is a bit different, and that there's not real time limit. 

"Non-time limited housing looks different thatn traditonal housing," Goodstal said. "They are able to reside up to two years and were providing support services, so the will be working with an advocate, budgeting, and making sure they are maintaining employment," she said. 

The house opened April 3rd. 


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