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West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce announce new leadership

The West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of commerce introduced their new executive director at a press conference held at the GVSU Sideman school of business in Downtown Grand Rapids. Board President Luis Avila began by stressing the new director would be someone who could take the chamber to the next level.

“We are very excited this morning to officially announce Guillermo Cisneros as our new executive Director,” Avila said.

New executive director Cisneros said with accepting the new position, he has three goals.

"Boost the economic development of the thriving Hispanic population, retain the talent in West Michigan by connecting the students with the local organizations and businesses, and have quality programs at the chamber that really make an impact in the community,” Guillermo said.

One such program is the second “Business Pitch Competition,” in which entrepreneurs will pitch their business idea in Spanish to a panel with the winner taking home $2500. However, Guillermo said this year will be different than the last.

“This year, the competition has an additional twist. It is going to showcase only Latina entrepreneurs, which means women business owners.”

As for what the next level for the chamber is, Cisneros said they would increase their membership, which doubled from 300 to 600 under the previous director, and to expand their programs.

WGVU's Marino Avila contributed to this story. 

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