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'Strong Schools, Strong Communities' proposal set for May vote

This May, Kent County residents will vote on the “Strong Schools, Strong Communities” proposal, a potential millage on homeowners that would help fund career, and on-the-job training for students at local schools.  Kent Intermediate School District officials say 100 percent of funds generated by the Strong Schools Strong Communities proposal would be distributed to 20 schools districts in Kent County. Revenue generated by the considered tax would maintain current programs at local schools while expanding career training course offerings.

“This proposal is very important to the schools, the children, and the communities that we serve, to bring the resources necessary to help students succeed and to be be career and college ready,” Ron Koehler, an assistant superindtendent at Kent ISD said. 

If voters approve the new millage, it will cost the average homeowner around $6.70 per month. Koehler says even homeowners who don’t have children in schools should support the proposal.

“Our students are the future of our community. If they are well prepared for the jobs we have today and the jobs we have in the future, then our local economy will continue to grow, your home prices and home values will continue to grow, and we’ll be a safe and healthy community,” he said. 

The Strong Schools Strong Communities proposal is set for a vote on May 2nd. On Wednesday, a "Yes for Kids" campaign kicked off to generate support for the proposal. 

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