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GVSU:New Cybersecurity Programs Could Provide Job Security

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Data security is becoming increasingly important to organizations worldwide.  And the demand for those in the know is increasing as well.  Grand Valley State University recently announced it’s expanding its cyber security program.  Experts at the university say those in this field won’t have a problem getting a job.

“We have employers lined up to recruit folks with this background that we probably won’t meet for years, if ever.”

That’s Paul Plotkowski, GVSU’s Dean of the Padnos College of Engineering and Computing.  He a new concentration in cybersecurity is adding a bit of job security for students who pursue this field.

“ Every time you are involved in a transaction in your life, cyber security is part of the picture, all the way from your banking to something as simple as making your cell phone call.”

Plotkowski says a concentration in cybersecurity has been added to the computing and information systems master’s degree program which is building on programs they already have in place.

“The reason we’re pursuing this is largely in response from students and the demand from partners in community looking for folks who have expertise to help them deal with all the issues you’re reading about in the paper and dealing with on stations like your own.”

Dean Plotkowski says Grand Valley’s programs offer students unique, hands on opportunities.

“One of the things that GVSU is known for is good hands on experience with the equipment and software they’re going to be using etc. which is unusual among institutions and we’re going to enhance that with the yet another facility to support that kind of work.”

Plotkowski says  they are already seeing interest in the courses which will be available this fall.