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Grand Rapids Police 'cop cuddlers' will go to children in distress

The Grand Rapids Police Department announced today that they will be handing out blankets known as a “cop cuddler” on Valentine’s Day. Handmade by River House residents, the blankets will be donated to the Grand Rapids Police Department and distributed to Grand Rapids youths who are “distressed, displaced, frightened or involved in legal disputes,” according to a press release from the department.

Cop Cuddler Blanket Coordinator Carol Vanderlaan said, the blankets represent an ongoing relationship the police department has with troubled youths, as often officers come face to face with children of abuse. 

“The Grand Rapids Police Department, who we honor and appreciate, continually interact with frightened youngsters who may be ill, injured or in a threatening situation,” Vanderlaan said in a statement. “The police, our neighbors and friends, are the first responders to reach out in these trying and often horrendous situations. Our small;l hand-crafted blankets may assist our police force by enabling them to offer a caring gift of comfort to these innocent children in crisis and help build stronger bonds within the Grand Rapids community,” she said.

The press release said over 30 blankets had been hand-crafted. 

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