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Democrats strive to make redistricting impartial

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       Democrats in the state House say they want to make the redistricting process as impartial as possible. Representatives introduced legislation Thursday  that would completely change Michigan’s redistricting process.

New political boundary lines are drawn every ten years after the census. Usually the majority party in the Legislature controls the redistricting process.

But State Representatives Jeremy Moss and Jon Hoadley are leading the charge for a new, non-partisan way of drawing district lines.

Moss says politics have become too much about Republicans versus Democrats.


“Enough of the whining on both sides. And let’s remove the partisanship from this process. This is an institutional changing type legislation for the better.”

Under their plan, a randomly chosen committee made up of an equal number of Republicans and Democrats and a few Independents would draw and approve Michigan’s redistricting maps starting in 2020.