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Rockford Public: Surviving & Thriving During Teen Years

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Stress and Kids.  Kids and Stress.  Part and parcel it seems of the teenage years.  Rockford Public Schools is offering some help.  It’s Developing Healthy Kids Community Education and Prevention Series is hosting a dialogue aimed to help teenagers thrive.  It’s this Wednesday at the High School.

“I’m hoping that students will take away that they’re never alone, they always have people they can talk to… really the point is they’re never alone.”

Maddie Lecceadone is a student Peer Listener at Rockford Public High School.  She and others along with school staff are hosting a dialogue, “Surviving and Thriving During the Teenage Years.”  Rockford School Counselor, Sarah Young also wants students to understand they’re not alone, in addition she wants to encourage parents of teens as well.

“I think it helps parents and students to understand that some of our students are dealing with very serious things and when you’re walking down the hall you may not know that; we go to a big school and even for adults, you don’t know what people are living through or experiencings.”

Young says the Presentation about Developing Healthy Kids will include video presentations highlighting students and their journeys along with school staff.  The idea being to offer ideas and strategies to better deal with teen stressors such as athletic and academic success.

“A huge populations of our students are very focused academically, and looking for those top tier colleges and the stress involved in that, the stress involved in taking honors courses and advanced placement and getting top scores on ACT and SAT’s is really great and sometimes kids have a tough times dealing with all that stuff.”

Young says the program is not just for Rockford families but for all who might be dealing with teen stress.  The program is this Wednesday at the school and is free and open to the public. 

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