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Speed limits increases signed into law


In a few months you might need to double check the speed limit on a lot of Michigan roads.

Governor Rick Snyder signed a package of bills Thursday that will change the speed limits on quite a few roads and highways.

The legislation will raise the speed limit on certain roads to 75-miles per hour.

But highways are not the only areas that will see changes. Certain gravel roads will get reduced speed limits and the hours for school zone speed limits could change as well.

The state is still months away from making final decisions on which roads will see speed limit changes.

Former Representative Bradford Jacobson is a bill sponsor. “There’s a variety of different things and overall we’re trying to encourage the use of scientific method rather than emotional method for setting the speed limits.”

The Michigan State Police and Michigan Department of Transportation will conduct speed studies before deciding which roads will see a change in speed limits.

I’m Cheyna Roth in Lansing.