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AAA Michigan: Road Resolutions 2017

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The New Year is underway and so are the resolutions.  Many are resolving to lose weight or save money, but AAA Michigan has a different resolution in mind.  Here’s part of their hope for motorists in 2017.

“We make promises to everybody, relatives, spouses, neighbors and AAA wants everybody to take time to make some resolutions about driving and good mentor driving.”

David VanderWeele is the AAA Field Manager for West Michigan.  He says one of AAA Michigan’s goals for this New Year is to encourage motorists to commit to some important road resolutions that can have a definitive impact on traffic safety across the state.  He says that includes precautions that could have an impact on our young drivers.  He calls it “mentor driving.”

“We forget that we are mentors to the next generation when we drive.  And when parents are seen using cell phones and such and even hands free, it’s important to remember that hands free, is not distraction free.”

AAA Michigan supports the national and state “Toward Zero Deaths” Highway Safety Strategy and part of that includes asking motorists to follow a “top ten road resolution guideline”.  Vanderweele shares a few resolutions.

“We still are advocating, remember to buckle up. There are still too many injuries and accidents where people aren’t buckled up.  Also, safe driving for those who have a cocktail, or have drink here or there.  Remember it doesn’t take much to cause impaired driving, so really limit that.  If you have a drink, don’t drive.”

The last five resolutions include everything from using signals and headlights properly to watching out for pedestrians and bicyclists, noting fatal crashes for these groups is increasing dramatically VanderWeele says you can find more details on “Resolutions for the Road” along with other safety tips at AAA.Com.