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Local travel experts urge caution when buying discount plane tickets

More than 42.5 million passengers are hitting the friendly skies over the holidays through January 5th, and local travel experts say are urging caution when it comes to some discount tickets. 

JoAnne Verboom from Gagnon Travel says it's up to you to really pay attention to what your "deal" includes or in many cases doesn't include. 

"Reading the fine print is extremely important when buying discount tickets," Verboom said. "Many have stringent rules." 

Take United Airlines for example. 

"United is coming out with basic economy fare," Verboom said. "You won't be able to bring a carry on unless it fits under the seat in front you. So if you're thinking of bringing a rollerboard and putting it in the overheard, you will not be able to to do that with their economy fares." 

Verboom says even with ticket in hand, if you failed to read the fine print you could end up paying more at the airport for you had "thought' was a good fare." 

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