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Michigan couple hunt 2 deer in half hour with same gun

A Michigan couple has used the same gun to kill two deer within a half hour while hunting in Hillsdale County. 

MLive reports Silas and Barb Meadows have hunted together for 32 years and recently had one of their most thrilling moments during Day 2 of the Michigan firearm deer season.

Silas alerted Barb about the first buck that came their way. She tried to shoot, but nothing happened. Barb says the deer disappeared for a moment, and then came into view about 65 yards away. She pulled the trigger, and the deer fell. A half hour later, another buck came down the same path. Silas had the gun this time, he waited for the deer to come closer and then shot it from about 70 yards away.

Barb's buck weighed 220 pounds while Silas' weighed 202 pounds.

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