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Legislation stemming from Flint water crisis report pass State Senate

City of Flint

Changes might be coming to Flint. The Senate passed two bills Thursday intended to help Flint recover from the water crisis. One of the bills would create an 11-member authority that would be able to levy property taxes and borrow money.

Proponents say the authority would be able to deal with infrastructure issues surrounding the water crisis so city government can focus on providing regular services. Democratic senator Jim Ananich was on a committee to examine the water crisis.

“That was a tool we wanted to give to local communities so that – obviously city has responsibilities picking up trash, police, fire – and obviously dealing with a massive crisis is not something any city is necessarily prepared on day one to equip with.”

The other bill would make Flint a so-called “promise zone.” T

hat would create a public-private fund to give money to high school students for college.

I’m Cheyna Roth at the State Capitol.

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