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Governor Rick Snyder defends Flint advisory board

Blueskiesfalling via Wikimedia | Public domain image

Governor Rick Snyder is defending a move by a board he appointed to oversee Flint.

The Receivership Transition Advisory Board (RTAB) has come under fire for revoking Flint’s ability to sue the state.

The five-member board was created at the end of April 2015, after Flint was taken out of emergency management, and is supposed to monitor the city.

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver filed a notice of intent to sue the state over the Flint water crisis back in March. She says she did not intend to sue the state at that point, but needed to file the notice to keep the ability.

But reports from the Detroit Free Press say the board swiftly moved to take away that ability.

The report resulted in a wave of scrutiny on the board. On Tuesday, Gov. Snyder spoke out in defense.

“The RTAB is a part of the process, but it was really about reestablishing the normal sitting processes for approvals,” he said.

But Flint state Representative Sheldon Neeley says the decision prevents local leaders from having their day in court.

“Irrespective of when it happened I think we probably should look at what has happened - and the voice of those residents in that community being squelched even further under this egregious emergency manager action,” he said.

Gov. Snyder said the board and its decision are, “a part of the process,” of moving Flint toward self-governance.

He continued saying, “But it was really about reestablishing the normal sitting processes for approvals.”

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