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Schuette asks for full appeals court review of voting decision

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Hilary Farrell

State Attorney General Bill Schuette is asking every judge on the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals to review a voting rights decision. It says Michigan voters will be allowed to use a single mark on the ballot to support a political party’s entire slate of candidates. 

The Republican attorney general has lost twice now in court in efforts to defend Michigan’s ban on straight-ticket voting.

Republicans are hoping it will give them an edge going into November elections where many GOP candidates could face a tough time.

The law was adopted by the Legislature and signed by Governor Rick Snyder earlier this year. But courts have held the ban violates the rights of voters in cities with large minority populations and long lines on Election Day.

If the Sixth Court refuses what’s called an "en banc" review, the next stop would be the United States Supreme Court.

Elections officials hope the controversy is settled by early September, so they can get absentee ballots printed and mailed in time.

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