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Top state court rejects same-sex custody appeal

LGBTQ Flag photo
Ludovic Bertron | Wikimedia | CC BY 2.0

The Michigan Supreme Court is offering no relief to women seeking parental rights to children who were born during same-sex relationships that have ended.

The women said they didn't have parental rights years earlier only because gay marriage wasn't allowed in Michigan. But now that same-sex marriage is legal, they say they should get the associated benefits, even if their relationships are over.

The Supreme Court turned down two appeals in 5-2 orders released Wednesday. Justices Bridget McCormack and Richard Bernstein said the court should have accepted the cases.

They say local judges should be allowed to determine what's best for the children. For years, Deanna Mabry helped raise three children who were born to her partner. In another case, Rola Kolailat raised a child born to her partner.

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