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Ingham county prosecutor back in court

Former Ingham County prosecutor Stuart Dunnings has pleaded guilty to two prostitution releated charges.

Stuart Dunnings was facing 14 misdemeanors and one 15-year felony. The charges ranged from soliciting prostitutes to encouraging a woman to become a prostitute. Dunnings pleded guilty to felony misconduct in office and one misdemeanor for solicitation. He faces up to five years in prison. All his other charges in all other counties are being dismissed as a part of the deal.

Andrea Bitely is Attorney General Bill Scheutte’s press secretary. She says the deal was about protecting the victims of Dunnings’ alleged crimes.

“It’s just so important to all of us in the Attorney General’s office that women feel comfortable in their community and it’s so important to us that Mr. Dunnings receives the justice that he deserves.”

Dunning served nearly 20 years in the prosecutor’s office before resigning last month.