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Wealthy Theatre To Host Bi-partisan Candidate Event

Wealthy Theatre

Odds are, you’ve kept up with the presidential primaries. But, do you know who’s running for office in Kent County?

Well, Voices Not Heard partnered with the Black Caucus, as well as the Kent County Republican and Democratic parties to make sure everyone gets a chance to hear from as many candidates as possible. Paul Mayhue is one of the event organizers. 

“We’re going to give them a couple minutes to say who they are, as well as to put together a powerful punch line. And then after that we’ll have other little interactions."

The event will take place 6:30 tonight at Wealthy Theatre and is open to the public. Hank Fuhs, secretary of the Michigan Republican Committee, and also an organizer, says bi-partisan events like this are what make Grand Rapids so successful. 

“It’s because we care, we interact, and we talk.” 

As to the specifics of who will be there to interact and talk, here’s Mayhue: 

“We can expect to see county commission candidates, we can expect to see judicial candidates, hopefully we can get some of the state legislature people.”

The two issued their final invitation as more of a challenge. First Fuhs:

“Show up, make a difference, all of you.” 

Finally here’s Mayhue speaking to everyone in Kent County.

“The dye is cast! We’re going to be waiting on you, we’re going to be ready. And we’re going to have some fun and we’re going to take care of some business.” 


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