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LaughFest comedian talks character at local high school

Hilary Farrell

A nationally-recognized comedian who developed a stutter as an adult uses his humor to inspire confidence at a local high school. 

"Something that’s brilliant about humor is when you acknowledge what you have or don’t, then it’s kind of taking away power from anyone else to do so."

Drew Lynch is a stand-up comedian and runner up for America’s Got Talent. Lynch has a stutter from a sports injury four years ago, and says humor can be a coping mechanism for any variety of challenges.

"I think self-awareness is exponentially more important than anything. Because you are saying, 'I am very much aware, and I am confident in that awareness'."

Lynch spoke to high schoolers at Innovation Central High School earlier this month about the importance of character, the day after his performance at LaughFest.

"I still learn every day that hopefully even through me just taking the time to talk and not really force anything funny - I'm not trying to contrive a thing into something that it's not - maybe someone out there was like, 'oh okay, well, I learned something from what he said'."

Deyker Carranza is a senior at the Grand Rapids Learning Center. He says he relates to the topic.

His disabled brother passed away last year.

"Seeing someone bring up the topic and actually make it front and center, it really lights a spark. And actually gives you hope that people actually care what’s going on." 

Carranza says he sees Lynch as a role model for overcoming obstacles, and spreading awareness about disabilities.

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