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Grandparents, Grandkids & Grand Valley: G3 Camp Coming Up

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From learning how a zombie’s brain works to exploring the history of “selfies”, Grand Valley State University’s G-3 Camp will offer fun and engaging ways for children and their grandparents to interact.  G-3 represents: Grandparents, Grandkids and Grand Valley.  Here’s a  camp you might want to check out.

“The learning component along with the fun, coming together and sharing meals together and just a whole bunch of fun that happens while they’re here.”

Fun and learning.  That’s the idea behind the upcoming G-3 Camp to be held at GVSU’s Allendale Campus.  It’s hosted by Grand Valley’s Regional Math and Science Center.  Diane Miller is the program director and says the camp will offer a great opportunity for children ages 8 thru 12 and their grandparents.

“There’s research out there that tells us that there is a benefit to grandparents and grandchildren bonding together and the history and the component that comes with it for bonding is priceless.”

Grandparents and kids can either stay on campus or commute.  Either way, Miller says it’s a rewarding experience that allows the kids to get familiar with the anticipated college life and grandparents to watch and learn with their grandkids. 

“There are opportunities to learn about music, there’s puppetry session, where they can create puppets and put on a show, there’s a whole bunch of different opportunities to learn and have fun together.”

The registration has been extended through May 16th for the camp that runs June 21st thru the 23rd.

You can find more information online at gvsu.edu/g3.