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ACLU of Michigan: no legal reason Kent County should continue its contract with ICE

Wilson Vargas

Miriam Auckerman, a senior staff attorney with the ACLU of Michigan, and Hillary Scholten attorney for the Michigan Immigrants Rights Center asked the board of commissioners to pass a resolution to help end the contract between the Sheriff’s Department and ICE. 

“Please show that you care about family, you care about community, and you want to keep everyone in Kent County safe. The time for action is now. Please pass a resolution.” 

The Kent County Sheriff Department stated in a press release from June, that the state and federal laws require a jail hold to be placed upon an individual if ICE finds that the individual does not possess a legal immigration status, or is in violation of their status. 

“ICE in its’ sole unchecked discretion can issue these administrative warrants. They think that someone is illegal in the United States they can issue an administrative warrant and lock them up.” 

That is Scholten who said that nothing in Michigan state law or the Sheriff’s oath of office requires Kent County to hold immigrants for ICE. 

“They are requesting that local law enforcement provide operational support by executing a warrant. Under ICE’s current policy the detainer satisfies the request element because cooperation by local law enforcement is optional.” 

At the Kent County Commission Meeting, the commissioners did not discuss ending contract with ICE. 

Michelle Jokisch Polo, WGVU News. 

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