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Mountain at the Center of the World (Part II)

Adam's Peak or Mount Malaya, Sri Lanka
Wikimedia Commons
Adam's Peak or Mount Malaya, Sri Lanka

Alexander McKinley, Author of Mountain at the Center of the World, returns to Common Threads

In the realm of Sacred Geography there are few sites on earth that are venerated by as many religions as the mountain known as Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka. Fred continues today with Alexander McKinley who has spent years studying The Peak and its devotees. Alex has written the book, Mountain at the Center of the World. Whether Muslim, Christian, Hindu or Buddhist, the stories and mythology surrounding the holy place have drawn pilgrims from around the world. But with the current clash of religion and politics these days, will things remain as peaceful as they have?

Alexander McKinley studies the religious traditions of Sri Lanka, especially their connections and transformations across past and present. He received a PhD in religion and modernity from Duke University and teaches at Lake Forest College and Loyola University Chicago.

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