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Pluralism in Practice

Host Fred Stella speaks with Elinor Pierce, author of 'Pluralism in Practice' and Research Director at Harvard's Pluralism Project

One of the most important aspects of the interfaith movement is raising the bar from mere tolerance (Hey, I'll let you live!) to pluralism, which encourages actual engagement with those of different theologies while still maintaining one's own personal beliefs. For years now, Harvard has measured this movement in the U.S. with The Pluralism Project, helping those interested in our religious landscape get a better understanding of where we are and the conversations that still need to happen.

In her new book Pluralism in Practice Elinor Pierce examines several recent case studies where members of religious groups have had to work out challenging issues with other groups or local governments. Each one is a compelling story in its own right.

Elinor (Ellie) Pierce is the Research Director at the Pluralism Project. She served as a section editor and project manager for the CD-ROM On Common Ground: World Religions in America, co-edited World Religions in Boston: A Guide to Communities and Resources, and helped develop the pluralism.org website. Ellie co-produced and co-directed the documentary film Fremont, U.S.A., together with Rachel Antell, and served as content advisor for Acting on Faith: Women’s New Religious Activism in America.

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