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Ryan Di Corpo on same-sex blessings in the Catholic Church (Part II)

Ryan DiCorpo
Ryan DiCorpo
Ryan DiCorpo

Fred Stella welcomes back Ryan Di Corpo from Outreach, an LGBTQ Catholic Resource, to continue the discussion same-sex blessings in the Catholic Church

Over the years we've had many discussions on human sexuality and spirituality, including religion's response to homosexuality. As of late, Pope Francis has been making headlines and encouraging controversy with his recent declaration that gives permission to priests to bless gay couples.

While many have accused the pontiff of opening the door to a future that endorses same-sex marriage, allies are insisting that this is not the case. The issue here is quite technical and nuanced.

Ryan Di Corpo joins us to continue this conversation to help us understand the topic. Ryan is a protege of Fr. James Martin and has a great understanding of the history of how the Church has dealt with this issue and where they may go from here.

Ryan Di Corpo is the managing editor of Outreach. A former Joseph A. O’Hare, S.J., fellow at America, his work has appeared in The Washington Post, Boston College Magazine, The Emancipator and elsewhere. He holds a B.A. in film from Fordham University and an M.A. in journalism from Northeastern University, in Boston.

He has been interviewed by several outlets, including Newsweek, the National Catholic Reporter and The Washington Times. He is originally from Massachusetts.

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