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Armin Langer on blasphemy

Armin Langer
University of Florida
Armin Langer

Fred Stella speaks with Prof. Armin Langer from the University of Florida

Here in the United States we can get pretty spoiled with our 1st Amendment rights of Free Speech. But of course, it wasn't always this way here, and around the world, freedom of expression and religion have been in competition with one another for quite a while.

Today we speak with Prof. Armin Langer from the University of Florida's Center for European Studies on the challenges many countries face in maintaining a balance between the ability to voice opposition towards certain beliefs and what most might consider hate speech.

Our discussion is largely based on Langer's article in 'The Conversation' titled, Quran burning in Sweden prompts debate on the fine line between freedom of expression and incitement of hatred

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