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The Americanization of the Apocalypse (Part II)

Donald H. Akenson/The Americanization of the Apocalypse
Queen's University
Donald H. Akenson/The Americanization of the Apocalypse

Prof. Donald H. Akenson joins us to continue the discussion on his book, The Americanization of the Apocalypse: Creating America's Own Bible

Donald H. Akenson is our guest again this week.

'The Americanization of the Apocalypse' is the first book to document, using direct archival evidence, the creation of the ur-text of modern American evangelicalism, The Scofield Reference Bible, and examines the ways that the rise of modern American evangelicalism is actually a transnational story. (description from Queens' University)

Bio from his faculty page at Queen’s University:

Dr. Donald Akenson is an internationally acclaimed scholar and author who is considered the world's foremost authority on the Irish Diaspora. His previous books include: ‘Surpassing Wonder: The Invention of the Bible and the Talmuds,’ ‘St. Saul: A Skeleton Key to the Historical Jesus,’ The two volume novel, ‘An Irish History of Civilization’ (London: Granta, 2006), ‘Discovering the End of Time: Irish Evangelicals in the Age of Daniel O’Connell’ (Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2016), and ‘Exporting the Rapture: John Nelson Darby and the Victorian Conquest of North American Evangelicalism’ (New York: Oxford University Press, 2018).

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