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Martin Doblemeier: Sabbath (Part II)

Journey Films

Martin Doblemeier returns to the show to continue the conversation on his latest PBS documentary film, Sabbath

Fred Stella continues with Martin Doblemeier about his film, Sabbath.

Martin Doblmeier is an American documentary filmmaker, known for directing films for Public Television including Bonhoffer (2003) The Power of Forgiveness (2007), An American Conscience: The Reinhold Niebuhr Story (2017), and Backs Against The Wall: The Howard Thurman Story (2019). Doblmeier is the founder of Journey Films Inc., a film and television production company focused creating content on religion, faith and spirituality.

Doblmeier majored in Religions studies at Providence College in Rhode Island and holds a Master of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University.

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