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Alan E. Brownstein

Alan Brownstein
International Center for Law and Religion Studies
Alan Brownstein

Alan E. Brownstein joins host Fred Stella on WGVU's Common Threads

Fred Stella speaks with Constitutional Law scholar Alan E. Brownstein about religion and the courts.


Biographical information from ucdavis.edu:

Alan Brownstein teaches Constitutional Law, Law and Religion, and Torts at UC Davis School of Law. While the primary focus of his scholarship relates to church-state issues and free exercise and establishment clause doctrine, he has also written extensively on freedom of speech, privacy and autonomy rights, and other constitutional law subjects. His articles have been published in numerous academic journals including the Stanford Law Review, Cornell Law Review, UCLA Law Review and Constitutional Commentary. Brownstein received the UC Davis School of Law's Distinguished Teaching Award in 1995 and the UC Davis Distinguished Scholarly Public Service Award in 2008. He is a member of the American Law Institute.