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Murali Balaji (Part II)

Murali Balaji
Annenberg School for Communication
Murali Balaji

Journalist and author Murali Balaji returns as guest on this week's edition of Common Threads

Our guest, Murali Balaji, returns to continue our conversation about his recent article in Religion News Service titled, ‘Why Hindus should celebrate Black History Month.’

Murali Balaji is a journalist, author, and academic with nearly 20 years of experience in diversity leadership. Murali is founder of Maruthi Education Consulting, LLC, and consults numerous organizations, including the University of Pennsylvania, on diversity and inclusion issues. He is a lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania, and former mass communications chair at Lincoln University. Murali Balaji is recognized as a national leader in cultural competency and religious literacy. journalist, author, and academic with over 20 years of experience

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