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GOP-backed voting initiative files with elections bureau


A Republican-backed petition campaign took an initial step today toward enacting new voter restrictions. If the campaign gathers enough signatures, the initiative could NOT be vetoed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The “Secure Michigan Vote” campaign says it submitted its petition form to the state Bureau of Elections. It sets the stage for a six-month effort to collect roughly 340-thousand signatures. The campaign’s goal is to enact a veto-proof law with new requirements to cast a ballot That includes showing a photo I-D to vote in-person or absentee, says the campaign’s Jamie Roe.

“The centerpiece for our plan is voter ID.”

“I think what the Republicans are trying to do here is downright frightening.”

Democratic state Representative Matt Koleszar says if the initiative DOES collect enough signatures, the Legislature should send it to the ballot for voters to decide.