WGVU-TV and FRONTLINE present "Exodus: The Journey Continues"

Jan 23, 2018

Credit cironline.org

Tuesday, January 23rd at 9PM WGVU Public Television and FRONTLINE present Exodus: The Journey Continues. This is a close-up and personal look at global migration and European refugee crisis. WGVU spoke with the film’s director.

“Now when they arrive they’re met and put into refugee camps that look a hell of a lot like prison camps.”

James Bluemel is director of FRONTLINE’s Exodus: The Journey Continues.

“Every border you want to cross from the first border through all the way to Germany, all those borders are sealed shut. They’re policed and the only way to cross them today is going illegally with human traffickers that charge you a lot of money for the privilege.” What is the change in European attitude toward migration and refugees? “I think Europe as a continent is experiencing a shift politically to the right. There are now 24 countries that all have right-wing nationalists in their parliaments and a lot of that is fueled by the refugee crisis of 2015-2016.”

Tuesday, January 29th at 9 PM on WGVU Public Television.