By Leaps & Bounds

Investments in high-quality early childhood care, education, and support programs do more than help children – they also strengthen our workforce and economy. How are communities in West and Southwest Michigan approaching prevention and early intervention in these systems of care? How do the programs benefit children, families, care and education providers, businesses, and taxpayers? Where are the gaps, and how do we fill them? Come along as we take a closer look.

Serving West and Southwest Michigan, WGVU Public Media’s mission is to connect to our community by using the strengths of public media to educate, inform, inspire, and entertain. WGVU seeks to provide equitable access to educational opportunities, resources, and tools to children, families, and educators. WGVU Education Coordinator, Kristyn Bomberg is here to share more about WGVU’s education program.

The Pritzker Children’s Initiative is a national effort to promote high-quality early learning and development for children from birth to age three. Kent County has been selected to participate, and Pritzker Early Childhood Fellow, Anissa Eddie, is here to share more about her role as part of the network of early childhood community partners working to increase the number of children developmentally on track by Kindergarten.